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21 | Thumoslang Bubble

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We might not choose our best friend but we must choose our best group. Best friends are the greatest counterbalance against self-biased thoughts. They tell us what we need to hear without hurting our feelings. Even without self-biased thoughts, we may not know how to develop our own ideals, let alone achieve them. That’s the mission of our best group, the best group for our own ideals. Thumoslang bubble is the ideal best group for everyone.

Your best friends are the greatest counterbalance against your self-biased thoughts. To develop and achieve your ideals, you need to have your best group. Thumoslang bubble is the ideal best group for everyone.

Our best group should at the very least be a social bubble as its purpose is to support mental health and well being and reduce social isolation. It should also be a deliberate family whose members choose to be with one another not for a common purpose but for their personal ideals. As many are not sure of how to realize their personal ideals, the group should also be collaborative in nature.

Thumoslang bubble is a social bubble which is also a deliberate family but collaborative in nature. Collaboration is not guaranteed in any group unless you consciously make your group collaborative. Furthermore, its members use Thumoslang as their nomenclature for social life and Bubble as their programming language for prototype purposes. Thumoslang, being the world’s first nomenclature for social life, is the mechanism by which one person can disclose their ideals in full to others without the risk of misunderstanding. Bubble, being a programming language meant for people who haven’t coded a day in their lives, is a program that gives everyone the opportunity to prototype their ideas under their own power.

There is nothing that needs to be done for you to achieve your goals that you cannot do. This is why so many people delay their goals by years, decades, and even their whole lifetimes. They are aware of their own talent, and often outright what needs to be done for their goals to be completed, so they delay the execution towards their goals because they believe that they can simply begin later. The reason that most people never end up achieving their goals is not because those goals are beyond their reach, nor because they lack the talent to achieve them, but because they lack the time and speed to actually do the work they need to do for their goals to be realized.

Humans on average live to be about 80 years old, and within that time, much is devoted to education, either to get a proper job or, for the very young, due to not being given a choice by their parents. Much is devoted to working, as without showing up to one’s job and working their shift, most people would be put into a position where their lives would not function properly, especially if they are financially responsible for others, such as their children. Much is even devoted to maintaining relationships with friends and family, spending time with them when possible. The remaining time is often spent for entertainment, as it is necessary for human health, and likely because no energy remains to do more work after devoting so much time to the aforementioned activities.

This is not to say that it is wrong to spend your time as previously described, but simply to explain the reason why many people never achieve their goals within their lifetimes. Forcing yourself to work much more than this would almost certainly take a toll on some aspect of your life, be it your health, relations, dreams, career, or eventual retirement. The reason this harsh truth is mentioned is to show the importance of utilizing a solution if you ever hope to make your ideals a reality.

The reason why it’s so important to have a best group, and valuable relationships with your friends, is because involving more people in the path towards your goals is the only possible way you can hope to accelerate the process to a speed fast enough that you may one day achieve them.

We all have reasons to believe that the best group for you, the one who you work with to achieve those things you want to complete within your lifetime, must be a Thumoslang bubble. Only with fellowship can you create and maintain a path to your goals without sacrificing what makes up the stability in your life.

It has been said that the true joy in life is being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. Until you have such a purpose, the main purpose in life should be the prevention of such waste. The best way to prevent such waste is to build up your own Thumoslang bubble.

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